Zephyr’s Wearables: On The Front Lines Of Industrial and Consumer Sensor-based Applications

Since 2003, Annapolis-based Zephyr has innovated with physiological and biomechanical monitoring systems. However, unlike many companies that sell sensor solutions to mostly consumers for fitness and personal activity tracking, Zephyr has established a strong foothold in training professionals. The company’s Physical Status Monitoring system (PSM) applies wearable technology for military, medical, and fitness uses and shows the future market potential of this space. And as we noted earlier in our post about Fullpower Technologies and its MotionX, we believe that companies that can serve both the consumer and industrial/military markets for wearables are best positioned to achieve the lofty valuations implied in this wearables hype cycle.

Zephyr’s PSM has been used to help train first responders, National Guard troops, and US Special Forces. For instance, the PSM Echo by Zephyr generates detailed trend analysis reports that allows for comparison between multiple individuals and multiple sessions. See the company’s published case studies and white papers for more information. In addition this device also monitors personnel safety and provides real time performance feedback. It monitors posture and movement data and reports intelligently whether users are injured, dehydrated, or normal. The computer output reminds us of the health bar on first-person shooter video games; it provides an easy way for supervisors to see their team’s physical status quickly.

Zephyr PSM

Between its strong wearable training solutions and its healthcare solutions, Zephyr is definitely a company to watch as wearable computing catches on with industrial consumers. Led by CEO and founder Brian Russell, the company has attracted large investors and strategic partners, including Qualcomm, Motorola, NASA, 3M, and others. The company’s support from these partners and its extensive product portfolio will help it make an impact on the wearable computing space. You can find a video clip from a CNN feature about the company below and follow Zephyr on Twitter and Facebook.


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