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  • Nike will certainly be in the news this week. Their amazing marketing machine will certainly be on display as its Nike+ Accelerator companies head to San Francisco Thursday for their 2nd Demo Day before an anticipated packed house.  Geekwire had a great write-up from the Demo Day last week on Nike’s campus. If you want a pass, contact us (or media [at] insideactivitytracking [dot] com) and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Nobody does PR like Nike, so no surprise that the big media outlets like Fortune explained to all of us why Nike+ Accelerator matters, including good write-ups on the 10 companies in the inaugural class.
  • The Wearables market is poised to become a $40-$50B market in a few years. Up from $4B today. That is, if it gets adopted in the enterprise. 
  • More interestingly, the sensor market is exploding. Though it has been around for a long time, with wearables and all of the big names that can move millions of units with multiple sensors per unit in both consumer and industrial applications, this is about to explode. Forbes has a great article on that growth, especially its major beneficiary STMicroelectronics.
  • Wearables driving health insurance cost savings? We’ve always believed that there was direct value in driving accountable health care and health insurance in the tracker market. NBC News featured the Jawbone Up Band and its ability (and other trackers of course), to drive a business’s health care costs down.
  • Battery life was in the news this week, as it promises to be a governor on the usefulness of many of our wearable computing devices. Here’s to hoping Apple and their ability to ship a trillion smart watches will solve that!
  • Hoping to play a large role in the #wearable market, Intel is experimenting with a number of technologies, here “smarter” texting to make gadgets more efficient, while getting a better understanding how consumer demand will shape silicon’s future.
  • USATODAY has a good review of The Pebble’s lesser known rival, The Martian Smartwatch.  We’re all on pins and needles waiting for Apple’s entry.
  • Bloomberg Media has Robert Scoble’s interview on the future of wearable computing.
  • Geopalz iBitz was featured toy on the massively popular Dr. Toy website, winning an award for best vacation toy for kids!
  • And in even bigger news for GeoPalz, it will be partnering with Disney’s Club Penguin to bring a co-branded iBitz to the market. Click here for more information.

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