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  • USA Today has a high level review of the various fitness bands on the market, focusing on Larklife, Fuelband, Fitbit Flex, Basis, Jawbone’s Up, BodyMedia Core 2. We are much more bullish on Misfit’s Shine. Click Here for the review.
  • Lots of great speculation on what Nike is going to be doing with Fuelband. The market has quickly moved past the Fuelband ¬†and we can’t wait to see what the Fuelband 2 can do. One of our favorite blogs, The Cult of Mac has some great speculation which if true, will make Fuelband more than a hip futuristic digital timepiece.
  • PC Mag has a more complete review of all of the Activity Trackers specifically focused on fitness. Click Here to see.
  • The NY Times’ Bit Blog covers D11’s Wearable Computing hype cycle.
  • InfoWorld coverage of the wearable hype at D11.
  • A great post in This Week in Tablets, covering WHY Apple needs to move quickly. Top reason: The faster Google moves, the faster Android moves, the more Apple loses.



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