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Academic Innovators: Juan Hinestroza brings nanotechnology to textiles

Photo credit: Style and the Startup The Fiber Science department at Cornell University produces research that will enable the smart fabrics of the future. This academic unit operates with a “Science driving Design, Design driving Science” mentality that brings engineers, scientists, and designers together. We recently sat down with Professor Juan Hinestroza, Associate Professor of […]

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The Leap Ahead: Computational Biology Promises to Jumpstart Wearables Applications

A lot of the focus in wearable computing has been on delivering products that help everyday users monitor some of the more basic activity traits, such as steps taken and heart rate. While these are certainly useful metrics for health monitoring, they do not paint the full picture. Computational biologists instead study the chemical changes […]

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Data Science, Wearable Computing and the Battle for the Throne as World’s Top Sports Brand

In the past 5 years, we’ve seen unprecedented innovation in data sciences. Previously limited to the largest of large companies processing massive quantities of data with internally purpose-built engines, today’s sophisticated data collection and analysis is democratized through open source data stacks that continue to drive the costs of insights and predictive modeling down. When […]

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The Week in Wearables: Tech Giants Making Moves

What would the wearable computing revolution look like if Google, Apple, and Intel shifted corporate strategy to focus more on activity tracking devices? This question may have been hypothetical once, but recent announcements from these companies indicate that the next disruptions in the wearable technology space may come from these established technology companies—not just Kickstarter […]

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Star Trek to Reality: Scanadu Scout Brings Personal Health Data From The Temple To The Cloud

Instant medical tracking and diagnostics is moving from science fiction to reality. A group of scientists, doctors, and coders at NASA Research Park in Moffett Field, CA created a device that enables users to track their body’s information and share it with their doctors. Introducing the Scanadu Scout. This device takes the sensor scanning medical […]

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