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Proteus Puts Sensors In a Pill: Make a Powerfully Innovative Activity Tracking Solution for Healthcare

We have seen many companies incorporate wearable biosensors into their activity tracking products, but Proteus Digital Health sees a future for ingestible biosensors as well. Proteus was founded by a team of experienced pharmaceutical and technology professionals who sought a solution to the fact that nearly 50% of patients do not receive the full benefit […]

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Wearable and Implantable Technology From Motorola

D11’s coolest prospective wearable technology didn’t come from a likely source. It came from Motorola, which might be soon birthing digital tattoo and smart pill technology.  One can think of an incredible number of practical uses for both, as displayed by Motorola’s Regina Dugan.  You can see Dugan and Motorola’s Dennis Woodside’s discussion from D11, below:

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