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How Simple Math and A Nike Cultural Imperative Might Have Killed Nike’s Fuelband

Its nice to be right once in awhile. In December, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking on a panel at the Wearables Technology Expo, alongside Intel’s Rob Rueckert and LumoBack’s Monisha Perkash. When the moderator asked the panel for some closing thoughts on wearables, it wasn’t the most popular thing to say that if you were an […]

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Wearables and the Affordable Care Act: A Rising Tide Will Lift SOME Boats

    18 months ago, I could count on one hand the number of wearables startups that from inception, had selling into the healthcare system deep in their DNA and/or a clear understanding of the trends in healthcare that could most affect their potential business trajectories. Whether the barriers were regulatory, legal, IT, time to […]

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In The Battle For Global Sports Brand Supremacy: Nike, Under Armour And Adidas Need To Find Their Pixar

Under Armour announced it had acquired MapMyFitness. Knowing that I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year in and around the activity tracking ecosystem, a writer at a leading tech publication emailed me asking my opinion of the deal.  Specifically, she asked me what it meant for the big sports brands, Nike, Adidas, […]

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Data Science, Wearable Computing and the Battle for the Throne as World’s Top Sports Brand

In the past 5 years, we’ve seen unprecedented innovation in data sciences. Previously limited to the largest of large companies processing massive quantities of data with internally purpose-built engines, today’s sophisticated data collection and analysis is democratized through open source data stacks that continue to drive the costs of insights and predictive modeling down. When […]

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Featured Company: Fullpower Technologies and MotionX Ripe For A High Priced Acquisition

MotionX is a rising star in the wearable technology space, though to the mainstream media fascinated by Nike Fuelband, Apple’s rumored smart watch, and other headlines grabbers, it is perhaps one of the best known secrets. Being located in Santa Cruz might have something to do with it. Or the fact that it is actually […]

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In The Startup Battlefield Of The Nike+ Accelerator, You Might Want To Bet On Black!

There is a reason Phil Black and his company FitDeck is batting lead off in the 10 company Nike+ Accelerator Demo Day. If you want to get the other team’s attention, you bring your big bat. And at 6’7” tall, Black not only carries a big stick, but he IS a big stick. Friends of IAT […]

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