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Gentag, NovioSense Partner with Mayo For Diabetes Management Solutions

Gentag recently announced a joint venture with the Mayo Clinic  and NovioSense to develop a closed-loop smart skin patch targeting the management of obesity and diabetes. According to Gentag CEO John Peeters, “by pooling our resources together, we are in a position now to dramatically advance diabetes monitoring.  Our patented technology allows us to make wireless sensors that are […]

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The Eyes Have It: Google[X] Opens Our Eyes To The Future Of Smart Contact Lenses As A Platform

Most of us, when thinking of wearables, have a hard time envisioning anything other than smart watches, activity trackers, and Google glass. The notion of something like an ingestible or skin tattoos creating actionable insights from our bodies to make our lives better or healthier are far beyond the purview of the mass market today. […]

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