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For The Wearable Revolution To Take Off, Accuracy Must Improve

  Although many new wearable technologies bring functions that used to require bulky machinery to small devices, many products struggle in accurately tracking motion. The web is littered with side-by-side tests of accuracy of similar form factor devices, with results that call into question the entire category at times. Yet, as the technology and market for […]

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The Future of Flexible Sensors: MC10 Partners With Reebok On CheckLight Skull Cap

What started in 2008 by Professor John Rutgers of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign as a brilliant idea of stretchable circuits has culminated into MC10. Today, this company has collected $40M in funding to develop products towards its mission of “extending human capabilities through virtually invisible and conformal electronics.” Recently partnering with Reebok, MC10 launched […]

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