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Apple’s HealthKit: Predictably Pushing The Envelope For Fitness and Health Data

What remains to be seen is how well this application interacts with electronic health records and present actionable data to health care professionals in a way that is efficient, does not promote legal risk, is secure, compliant with HIPAA, doesn’t illicit more false positives and increase systemic risk Apple, today, announced a slew of new features […]

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The iPhone 5S Accuracy Issues: A Calculated Business Decision, Bad Software, Faulty Parts or Other?

Recently, Inside Activity Tracking posted reports of inaccuracies in the Apple 5S’s accelerometer.  The web is littered with them. While there are many theories that might account for the inaccuracies, we had a fascinating discussion with what we believe is a very reliable source that called into question whether this was a business-driven decision that […]

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Apple’s (and mine) Big Warning to the Wearables Market: Ignore M7 Motion Co-Processor At Your Peril!

As someone that has looked at a lot of startups in and around wearable computing and activity tracking, I spent last week trying to digest what Apple’s new M7 co-processor means to both the hardware and software companies that I’ve been spending my time with, and those that I now should be spending more time […]

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The Week in Wearables: Tech Giants Making Moves

What would the wearable computing revolution look like if Google, Apple, and Intel shifted corporate strategy to focus more on activity tracking devices? This question may have been hypothetical once, but recent announcements from these companies indicate that the next disruptions in the wearable technology space may come from these established technology companies—not just Kickstarter […]

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