Star Trek to Reality: Scanadu Scout Brings Personal Health Data From The Temple To The Cloud

scout-1Instant medical tracking and diagnostics is moving from science fiction to reality. A group of scientists, doctors, and coders at NASA Research Park in Moffett Field, CA created a device that enables users to track their body’s information and share it with their doctors. Introducing the Scanadu Scout. This device takes the sensor scanning medical tricorder device from Star Trek one step closer to reality, making personal health and personal data more accessible than ever, at an affordable price of $149.

After placing Scanadu Scout on your forehead for 10 seconds, it sends comprehensive information to your iOS or Android phone, including heart rate, body temperatures, oxymetry, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

To bring this device to early adopters, the team, lead by Founder/CEO Walter De Brouwer launched an (You can pre-order) Indiegogo campaign. After Scanadu Scout ships in March 2014, users can opt-in to FDA clinical studies, which will help the device be recognized as an over-the-counter consumer-grade diagnostic tool (rather than a research tool).

Yves Behar, the designer behind Jawbone, the August smart door lock, and Active Mind Technologies’ smart golf products and seemingly every cool new smart gadget hitting the fundraising trail, is designing the product. Scanadu Scout has raised over $700,000 on Indiegogo, and it’s campaign has 16 days left.

Personally, as someone that has spent months trying to get comprehensive health data from the previous five years, from various doctors into a spreadsheet, just to have it, this device is especially appealing, even if the output, or its transmission, isn’t HIPPA compliant. Armed with data, and access to information, self-directed health can become much more of a reality.

Watch the product’s intro video below:

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