Proteus Puts Sensors In a Pill: Make a Powerfully Innovative Activity Tracking Solution for Healthcare

proteusWe have seen many companies incorporate wearable biosensors into their activity tracking products, but Proteus Digital Health sees a future for ingestible biosensors as well. Proteus was founded by a team of experienced pharmaceutical and technology professionals who sought a solution to the fact that nearly 50% of patients do not receive the full benefit of prescription medications due to poor self-administration, especially among elderly patients.

Their digital health feedback system (which includes a pill-like sensor and wearable patch) aspires to change healthcare by offering valuable data about a patient’s medicine intake, heart rate and blood pressure, sleep, and other activity levels. Recently, the company completed a new round of funding, raising $62.5 million from Oracle joins Otsuka, Novartis, Sino Portfolio, and others. Having secured this funding, EU approval (CE Mark), and FDA market clearance, Proteus expects a UK launch soon.

This product’s simplicity and market potential will make it a success. Proteus is simple. Often medical devices are underutilized because potential users are reluctant to make drastic changes to their health routine; this product only requires users to wear a patch and take one additional, small pill to function. Proteus will put powerful data and vital alerts in the hands of care providers. Accordingly, it will be valuable to individual caregivers and businesses involved in assisted living and nursing care, which are large, growing markets.

For these reasons and for its impressive progress, we are excited by its potential to change healthcare and improve activity tracking. You can stay up to date on Proteus via Twitter and their Facebook page.

If you want to learn more about where digital health is going, here is a great video of visionary CEO Andrew Thompson talking about the future of digital health. It is long, but full of nuggets.

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