Product Review: ReLax Kit Brain Wave Sensor

ReLax Kit

OP Innovations, a company that specializes in open source, cost effective low power D-I-Y bio-sensor kits,  recently sent us their flagship product the ReLax Kit for testing. The goal of the kit is to help the user discover themselves using visual biofeedback through quantified metrics about their stress levels, posture, and focus in order to enhance their well being. And it does it at an extremely low price point of $47.00.

The kit contains a manual, a controller, a sensor, a USB cord, and a headband that allows the user to wear the sensor onto their forehead. After the initial set up, the device can either work stand-alone without a computer or smartphone, displaying various colored lights for various mental and physical stress levels (red for muscle tension etc.) or with the free RelaxLive software. The latter shows detailed graphs of the brain activity and posture along with a proprietary ‘Relax Score’ of the user.

We’ve covered  other companies in the space before, namely Emotiv InsightNeuroSky MindWave and the InteraXon Muse and we think that they all are good starting points for giving the bare essential feedback loops in a low cost manner to drive self understanding and improvement.   By measuring both EEG (brain) and EMG (muscle) signals wirelessly and in a cost-effective manner, this device can prove to be a disruption to the usual bulky, costly, and time-consuming traditional way of measuring similar statistics if medically approved. For hackers and the D-I-Y crowd, this is a great starting point product.

You can follow OP Innovations on Facebook or visit their website.

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