SporTracker: Accurate and Battery Efficient Optical Sensor Technology To Track Vital Signs

SportrackerFounded in 2009, SporTracker is aiming to revolutionize the sports and consumer health markets through its optical-based technology and algorithms that detect and measure heart rate, calorie count, and other vital signs. We’ve been focused a lot lately on computational biology, accuracy, and adapting to unique form factors — SporTracker is innovating at the intersection of these areas and identifies itself as one of the technology leaders in its class.

The Caesarea, Israel based company has developed the M-SporTracker arm band, which has the capability to wirelessly send heart rate measurements data to smartphones according to its website. However, a video of Uri Keren, a member of the company’s Board of Directors, at Wearable Technology World shows the company’s latest products, which demonstrate the companies refined focus on sensor technology instead of consumer products. Uri notes that the company has customers and is “in the process of signing details” with leading sports brands and consumer companies, who are developing products with SporTracker sensors. According to the video, these companies have bench-marked the product and realized its accuracy and power consumption efficiency.

The company’s next steps include developing algorithms to track blood pressure, which is largely a software issue given their current sensor, and creating strategic partnerships with companies that will embed SporTracker technologies into their consumer wearable devices. One opportunity on the horizon that the company is especially well positioned for is smartwatches. Uri states in the video interview that this trend is exciting because it merges the social and health aspect of activity tracking wearables. For more information, watch the video below:

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