Phillips: Foray into Medically Certified Wearable Technology

“Unlike other wearable solutions recently introduced to the market, this prototype collects more than just wellness data from otherwise healthy people. We are demonstrating the power of harnessing both clinical and personal health information to better manage chronic disease patients across the health continuum, from healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, Philips.


Phillips, in a move towards medically certified wearable technology, has partnered with Radbound University Medical Center in the Netherlands to provide patients chronically ill from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) a round-the-clock home monitoring device by early 2015.

The data collected by this device will be fed into a cloud-based Phillips HealthSuite Digital Platform to two applications, namely, eCare Coordinator, and eCare Companion both of which are FDA approved. Further, Phillips has also partnered with to develop the APIs necessary to make the digital health data stored on its cloud open to third party developers.

Phillips has aimed at making health data collected from a wearable device medically certified, usable, and open. However, as we covered here, the iOS 8 also seeks to provide a wearable data consolidation platform in its HealthKit Suite. The question then arises whether the two platforms will work in tandem at all.

With the current trends indicating an increasing amount of medically-certified (and otherwise) wearable technology health data being generated in the near future, a potential opportunity lies in offering a broad all-encompassing platform that can consolidate data from each of these individual streams and set definitive industry standards for caregivers to access the piece of the information-pie relevant to them in a secure and reliable manner.

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