The Future of Flexible Sensors: MC10 Partners With Reebok On CheckLight Skull Cap

MC10 CheckLight

What started in 2008 by Professor John Rutgers of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign as a brilliant idea of stretchable circuits has culminated into MC10. Today, this company has collected $40M in funding to develop products towards its mission of “extending human capabilities through virtually invisible and conformal electronics.”

Recently partnering with Reebok, MC10 launched a new product called CheckLight. This wearable skullcap that signals when a player has taken a hit that can result in a concussion. Accordingly, CheckLight detects the severity of a hit and lets players know they are at risk through an LED indicating the severity of the blow (with yellow or red flashing lights). In addition, CheckLight also contains an accelerometer and a gyroscope that provides more feedback on the extent of the impact.

CheckLight does not only offer a new way to monitor player fitness levels, but it also hopes to help identify injury-prone players and prompt interventions. With plans of selling to professional players in sports ranging from football, lacrosse, and hockey, MC10 and Reebok also hope to establish CheckLight as an industry standard sporting equipment for the young athletes as well. It should be a formidable competitor to X2 and others playing in the space.

In addition to the Checklight, MC10 gained media attention last month for its Biostamp sensor technology, which brings several medical grade monitoring sensors into a flexible, thin prototype. Between these two products and the potential for other great applications for flexible circuits, MC10 is certainly a company to watch. With a clear mission statement and the funding to back, we are excited at what this company whips-up in the future.

You can follow MC10 on Twitter and Facebook. In the video below, Isaiah Kacyvenski of MC10 talks about the company and CheckLight.

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