Lost Your Keys or Wallet or Phone? Button TrackR Helps You Find Them

Button TrackRWe lose things. A lot. We lose our car keys, we lose our laptops and phones, we lose our wallet, we even lost our car once or twice, though admittedly, once it was stolen. Thanks to a Company named Phone Halo, we might have a solution. Enter Button TrackR, the combination hardware in the form of a button and application that helps you find the things you lost.

Button TrackR Application

The hardware is the size of a quarter, and affixes to just about all of the things we might lose. Led by CEO and Co-Founder Chris Hebert, this Santa Barbara-based company launched at Demo in 2010. Its recent Indiegogo campaign has raised a whopping $162,000 in its first 15 days, after setting a $15,000 goal. Obviously a sign of incredible interest from people like us.


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