Kinsa Health: Leveraging Smartphones and Networks For a Healthier Society


One of the things that excites us the most is the enormous potential of the data from wearable and activity tracking devices. Kinsa Health focuses on using this data to improve the health of communities, specifically children, with their smartphone-tethered thermometer.

The Device works like any thermometer that you would find in a drugstore. The only difference is that it plugs into your smartphone, and this is where the data is read and saved for future reference. The significance of funneling the data through the user’s smartphone is a pre-emptive diagnosis of the ailment courtesy of Kinsa’s free app. However, the importance lies in what happens behind the scenes. Upon reading the temperature and symptoms of the user, Kinsa stores this data on the cloud and maps out the location of the illness. As more users use the product, Kinsa continually builds a map of ailments found in the user’s area, informing them of outbreaks and the locations of said outbreaks long before a public service announcement could manage.

But what is significance of giving people real-time information on sickness outbreaks? For starters, this represents a huge stride in illness prevention during a time where preventative care is being continually emphasized by both healthcare providers and lawmakers. Imagine how much more effective vaccination distribution would be if we had an up-to-date map that indicated exactly where the vaccines are needed the most. Shortages of critical inoculations could certainly be reduced if not eliminated.

Overall, we are very excited about Kinsa’s new development. Though it is not currently available, Kinsa is looking to do a soft release of the thermometer by December with a large-scale distribution plan set to take place next year. The device will retail for $14.99 and includes an extension cable to the smartphone. Until then, read more about the product on the official Kinsa Health website or and watch a video below of it in action.

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