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  • Very interesting and thought provoking analysis (sent by extremely smart reader and friend of IAT, HapiLabs’ Jessica Margolin) of accuracy in bio data sensing consumer devices on Psychology Geek’s blog, that focuses on the accuracy of Basis versus commercial grade devices. We are intrigued by the discussion does accuracy matter in wearables, and if so, when? Judging from the sales of Nike’s Fuelband and Fitbit Flex, clearly fashion and data porn, even if only mostly accurate and in some cases, not at all, clearly matters more today than technology and accuracy. Click here to read a first hand comparison of Basis to commercial grade devices.
  • Venture Beat has a smart post comparing Apple’s impending and of course rumored wearable wrist product with Google’s entry into the market with Glass.
  • Elise Hu’s conversation on MPR with futurist and the man who predicted Google Glass featured a classic line those of us old enough to remember, will identify with: According to David Brin, “Every generation has been challenged by new powers of vision, memory, perspective, attention and reach”.  While developments like glass specifically and wearable computing generally will continue to have doubters claiming the sky is falling, we are on an inexorable trend towards real progress– “bigger, better, and wiser” . What do you think?
  • The future of technology-driven fashion? Smart Planet features Dr. Sabine Seymour and her  Computational Fashion program at the art and technology institute Eyebeam.
  • Atlantic Monthly has a tongue-in-cheek by hyper relevant satire of the mass of “Google Glass for _____” onslaught.
  • No overhyped segment would be complete without a sobering post from David Glance (@david_glance) in Australia’s  Technology Spectator, this one highlighting how difficult it will be for hardware manufacturers to produce products with enough pricing margin to become sustainable businesses. We think this certainly points to companies that have significant software advantages as future winners in the #wearables market.

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