Finally, Wearable Computing Comes To The Swimming Pool: Meet Instabeat

InstabeatWe love to swim. The lack of trackers that include swimming as an activity capable of being tracked is frustrating. Meet Instabeat, which according to the company, is the first waterproof heartrate monitor mounted on your goggles with real-time visual feedback to master your swim.”  Launched at CES in 2013, the device which attaches to any swim google has the ability to track heartrate, track calories, laps and turns, display them in your goggles, and present your results on a unified dashboard. The Company, which is based in Beirut, Lebanon and is led by former professional swimmer Hind Hobeika, is expecting to ship units in the later part of 2013. We hope that they will make it easy for both individuals and companies to work with their API to port their data to other applications to satisfy those of us that make swimming an integral part of their health routine.

You can also check out their successful Indiegogo campaign here: 

You can also follow Instabeat on Twitter.

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