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The W/Me Wristband Gains Momentum on Kickstarter

  A daily search of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Circle Up always reveals interesting new ways to quantify the data we are now able to capture with wearable computing. Today we find a wristband that looks a lot like the Nike Fuelband, with a medical grade sensor that tracks activity in your autonomous nervous system (ANS) […]

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Basis: The Rolex of Fitness Trackers That Brings Fashion and Function to Wearable Computing

Wrist wearable fitness trackers are not a new phenomenon. Fitbit, Fuelband, Jawbone etc. have all been there, done that. Basis, however, is something different. It combines a watch-like design with new, innovative sensors. Basis includes an entirely new optical blood flow sensor (read more about the is type of tech from Stanford), a perspiration sensor, […]

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