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The Future is Now For Next Gen Exoskeletons

It has been a long time since the creation of the first 1500 lb motion-controlled exoskeleton was developed at Cornell University, but the promise of exoskeletons across numerous applications is closer than you think to being realized. From innovative companies like ReWalk and Cyberdyne who are developing assisted motion devices primarily aimed at the rehabilitation and body paralysis […]

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Biometrics and Wearables: Enabling The Next Billion Dollar Disruptions

The promise of wearable computing lies in its ability to create novel and useful ways we interact with the digital and physical worlds. While much of the wearable computing fanboy attention gets focused on consumer applications, it is also beginning to penetrate and potentially cause major disruptions in other markets. The security industry is no […]

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T2’s BioZen: Tracking & Treating a Soldier’s Mental and Physical Health From Smartphones

We have seen a trend of companies in the wearables space attacking both consumer and industrial/military use cases for their products and technologies.  We’ve covered a few of them, including monitoring systems and energy generation, and several different approaches to mobile digital health. In our conversations with leading wearables’ companies, it has become clear that increasing […]

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Zephyr’s Wearables: On The Front Lines Of Industrial and Consumer Sensor-based Applications

Since 2003, Annapolis-based Zephyr has innovated with physiological and biomechanical monitoring systems. However, unlike many companies that sell sensor solutions to mostly consumers for fitness and personal activity tracking, Zephyr has established a strong foothold in training professionals. The company’s Physical Status Monitoring system (PSM) applies wearable technology for military, medical, and fitness uses and […]

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Recon Jet Takes Consumer Pre-Orders, Aspires To One Day Make an Impact in Military and Industrial Environments

While Google Glass might be for people navigating the city in a quest to a perfect cup of coffee, Recon Jet will be for soldiers on the battlefield or athletes checking times and distance while training for the next a triathlon. This is at least what the company behind these glasses, Vancouver-based Recon Instruments, hopes. […]

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SEAL Protects Swimmers, Represents New Wave of Proactive Wearable Healthcare Technology

As the leading cause of death in young children, the risk of drowning causes significant concern for young children’s parents. The SEAL swim monitoring system hopes to protect swimmers by alerting lifeguards and parents when someone is in need of help, and the product is also a sign of exciting applications of wearable computing to proactive […]

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