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Autonomous Driving Technology Cruises Into GM For More Than $1B

Fasten your seatbelts. After pouring $500M into Lyft, GM just signaled that the future of autonomous driving just careened faster towards the present with its acquisition of autonomous vehicle enabling technology company Cruise Automation for north of $1B (as reported by Dan Primack at Fortune). GM Buying Self-Driving Tech Startup for More Than $1 Billion

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IoT Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs: Bosch Attempts To Play The Software Game

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, another massive global enterprise is entering the IoT cloud market. This week, its global manufacturing giant Robert Bosch GmbH. For those that aren’t connoisseurs of their top of the line home and industrial products, the Company makes high end dishwashers, ovens, cooking tops, ranges, microwaves, refrigerators, ventilation systems, washers […]

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The Future is Now For Next Gen Exoskeletons

It has been a long time since the creation of the first 1500 lb motion-controlled exoskeleton was developed at Cornell University, but the promise of exoskeletons across numerous applications is closer than you think to being realized. From innovative companies like ReWalk and Cyberdyne who are developing assisted motion devices primarily aimed at the rehabilitation and body paralysis […]

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How Simple Math and A Nike Cultural Imperative Might Have Killed Nike’s Fuelband

Its nice to be right once in awhile. In December, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking on a panel at the Wearables Technology Expo, alongside Intel’s Rob Rueckert and LumoBack’s Monisha Perkash. When the moderator asked the panel for some closing thoughts on wearables, it wasn’t the most popular thing to say that if you were an […]

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In The Battle For Global Sports Brand Supremacy: Nike, Under Armour And Adidas Need To Find Their Pixar

Under Armour announced it had acquired MapMyFitness. Knowing that I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year in and around the activity tracking ecosystem, a writer at a leading tech publication emailed me asking my opinion of the deal.  Specifically, she asked me what it meant for the big sports brands, Nike, Adidas, […]

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Wearables Will Drive New Advances in Understanding And Driving Peak Athletic Performance

Biomechanics, a field that focuses on the movement of and forces on a living body, has been making new strides thanks to advances in wearable and sensing technology, equipping scientists with the tools to analyze our body’s movement more precisely than ever. Researchers around the world have been very interested in applying the analysis of […]

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The Leap Ahead: Computational Biology Promises to Jumpstart Wearables Applications

A lot of the focus in wearable computing has been on delivering products that help everyday users monitor some of the more basic activity traits, such as steps taken and heart rate. While these are certainly useful metrics for health monitoring, they do not paint the full picture. Computational biologists instead study the chemical changes […]

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