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Proteus Digital Health Misses The FDA Mark And Maybe More

OK, so the FDA smacked down every investor’s poster child for the promise of ingestibles and digital health.  Yes, last week, the FDA declined to approve the output of the collaboration between Proteus Digital Health and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization, which would enable patients, payors and providers to track the use (adherence) of Otsuka’s antipsychotic medication Abilify. […]

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Keep Your Eye On The Ball: The Fat Pitch That Many Remote Monitoring Wearables Companies Are Missing

IoT in healthcare is a hot topic. From strategic planning for the next generation of Smart Hospitals to offloading costs through remote monitoring, the impact of wearables in the healthcare context is immense. Yet, for all its promise, the market has very little to date to show, and for many reasons.  While so many companies are proclaiming to […]

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Gentag, NovioSense Partner with Mayo For Diabetes Management Solutions

Gentag recently announced a joint venture with the Mayo Clinic  and NovioSense to develop a closed-loop smart skin patch targeting the management of obesity and diabetes. According to Gentag CEO John Peeters, “by pooling our resources together, we are in a position now to dramatically advance diabetes monitoring.  Our patented technology allows us to make wireless sensors that are […]

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