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Autonomous Driving Technology Cruises Into GM For More Than $1B

Fasten your seatbelts. After pouring $500M into Lyft, GM just signaled that the future of autonomous driving just careened faster towards the present with its acquisition of autonomous vehicle enabling technology company Cruise Automation for north of $1B (as reported by Dan Primack at Fortune). GM Buying Self-Driving Tech Startup for More Than $1 Billion

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PIP: Play Games. Chill Out!

Can trying to relieve stress be a stressful experience? The folks behind PIP think it can be, and that this is preventing more people from monitoring, understanding, and reducing their stress levels. Now halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, PIP seeks to raise $100,000 to make its product a reality. PIP is a small handheld biosensor […]

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The Kreyos Meteor: One Device To Rule and Display Them All!

At least that’s the premise behind KREYOS Meteor smartwatch, available for pre-order on June 24. While technical details will remain scarce until the launch, what we know mostly from Company press releases and its over-funded Indiegogo campaign so far is enticing. Kreyos Meteor is attempting to deliver a water-proof smartwatch that is a Pebble-killer or rival at […]

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In The Startup Battlefield Of The Nike+ Accelerator, You Might Want To Bet On Black!

There is a reason Phil Black and his company FitDeck is batting lead off in the 10 company Nike+ Accelerator Demo Day. If you want to get the other team’s attention, you bring your big bat. And at 6’7” tall, Black not only carries a big stick, but he IS a big stick. Friends of IAT […]

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SEAL Protects Swimmers, Represents New Wave of Proactive Wearable Healthcare Technology

As the leading cause of death in young children, the risk of drowning causes significant concern for young children’s parents. The SEAL swim monitoring system hopes to protect swimmers by alerting lifeguards and parents when someone is in need of help, and the product is also a sign of exciting applications of wearable computing to proactive […]

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Incentive-Driven Activity: How GeoPalz Will Get Kids Off The Couch (and build a nice business too!)

Good secrets are hard to keep. Ever since the first weeks of the Nike+ Accelerator in Portland, we’ve been hearing from investors and mentors in and around the program about a unique fast moving company, with a very large vision, led by unique Founders with the capacity to think and execute BIG, in a very […]

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Melon Aims To Help You Understand And Improve Your Focus (Even With An iPhone!)

The Melon headband helps users understand how they focus by tracking brain activity, making the invisible aspects of the mind, more visible and actionable. After putting on the headband, users can track their focus while doing almost anything—from working or studying to doing yoga or listening to music. The product gathers information about brain activity […]

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