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Academic Innovators: Tanzeem Choudhury Pushing the Boundaries of Wearable Technology at Cornell

Photo courtesy of Cornell University College of Engineering When market are moving as rapidly as the consumer and health care market for wearables are, often times market leadership and outperforming value creation depends on protectable innovation and know-how translated into mainstream products. Tanzeem Choudhury is an Associate Professor in Information Science at Cornell University, where she […]

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Academic Innovators: Juan Hinestroza brings nanotechnology to textiles

Photo credit: Style and the Startup The Fiber Science department at Cornell University produces research that will enable the smart fabrics of the future. This academic unit operates with a “Science driving Design, Design driving Science” mentality that brings engineers, scientists, and designers together. We recently sat down with Professor Juan Hinestroza, Associate Professor of […]

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State of Wearables: Wrist Devices After Nike FuelBand SE and Fitbit Force

Image from Travis Rathbone, Bloomberg Businessweek Competition between producers of wrist-wearable devices is high and rising. The announcement of the Nike FuelBand SE, Fitbit Force, and BASIS Science’s series B funding show how this market is developing. At the same time, companies and consumers await Apple’s rumored iWatch. So who has the best position and who […]

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The Leap Ahead: Computational Biology Promises to Jumpstart Wearables Applications

A lot of the focus in wearable computing has been on delivering products that help everyday users monitor some of the more basic activity traits, such as steps taken and heart rate. While these are certainly useful metrics for health monitoring, they do not paint the full picture. Computational biologists instead study the chemical changes […]

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AntennaGate Redux? Users Reporting Inaccurate Measurements With iPhone 5S Accelerometer and Gyroscope

Measurements on iPhone 5s devices and iPhone 5 (second from right). Photo credit: William Grose (Macrumors Profile, Blog) The iPhone 5s was a successful product for Apple in several ways. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales.” A […]

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Textile Sensors: Wearable Smart Garments Are Driving The Quantified Self

Image from Hexoskin on Indiegogo The role clothes play in our lives is rapidly changing. Innovation in textile sensor technology is pushing the limits of what our clothes will be able to do for us, beyond providing protection, cover, and style, though recent innovations in phase changing materials and other areas of fiber science will […]

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Biometrics and Wearables: Enabling The Next Billion Dollar Disruptions

The promise of wearable computing lies in its ability to create novel and useful ways we interact with the digital and physical worlds. While much of the wearable computing fanboy attention gets focused on consumer applications, it is also beginning to penetrate and potentially cause major disruptions in other markets. The security industry is no […]

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For The Wearable Revolution To Take Off, Accuracy Must Improve

  Although many new wearable technologies bring functions that used to require bulky machinery to small devices, many products struggle in accurately tracking motion. The web is littered with side-by-side tests of accuracy of similar form factor devices, with results that call into question the entire category at times. Yet, as the technology and market for […]

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