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Academic Innovators: Tanzeem Choudhury Pushing the Boundaries of Wearable Technology at Cornell

Photo courtesy of Cornell University College of Engineering When market are moving as rapidly as the consumer and health care market for wearables are, often times market leadership and outperforming value creation depends on protectable innovation and know-how translated into mainstream products. Tanzeem Choudhury is an Associate Professor in Information Science at Cornell University, where she […]

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Academic Innovators: Juan Hinestroza brings nanotechnology to textiles

Photo credit: Style and the Startup The Fiber Science department at Cornell University produces research that will enable the smart fabrics of the future. This academic unit operates with a “Science driving Design, Design driving Science” mentality that brings engineers, scientists, and designers together. We recently sat down with Professor Juan Hinestroza, Associate Professor of […]

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FEATURE: University Labs Driving Wearables Innovation-Cornell

For those looking to push the envelope of innovation in wearables, looking at and licensing top innovations from University labs is common practice. For certain, many of the leading innovations in wearables are coming from a few top University labs around the world. Over the next few months, Inside Activity Tracking will be featuring a […]

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