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Proteus Puts Sensors In a Pill: Make a Powerfully Innovative Activity Tracking Solution for Healthcare

We have seen many companies incorporate wearable biosensors into their activity tracking products, but Proteus Digital Health sees a future for ingestible biosensors as well. Proteus was founded by a team of experienced pharmaceutical and technology professionals who sought a solution to the fact that nearly 50% of patients do not receive the full benefit […]

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X2 Opens the Door for Better Head Injury Response On and Off the Field

Medical-grade biosensors are making it easier and less expensive to protect youth athletes from damaging head trauma, thanks to companies like X2 biosystems. Seattle-based X2 was founded when Rich Able turned to Christoph Mack after Rich’s son suffered a concussion playing high school football. Today X2 offers the X-Guard, a mouth guard-based sensor, and the […]

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Smart Socks Don’t Stink: Heapsylon’s Sensoria Enters The Clothing As A Platform Race

We’ve seen very few companies successfully go after both digital sport and digital health markets. It is hard enough to tackle one. Very few companies are architected in such a manner that enables a consistent streamlining of decision making, team building, resource allocation, product development and overall energy to benefit both directions fully. Ask any […]

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Melon Aims To Help You Understand And Improve Your Focus (Even With An iPhone!)

The Melon headband helps users understand how they focus by tracking brain activity, making the invisible aspects of the mind, more visible and actionable. After putting on the headband, users can track their focus while doing almost anything—from working or studying to doing yoga or listening to music. The product gathers information about brain activity […]

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Star Trek to Reality: Scanadu Scout Brings Personal Health Data From The Temple To The Cloud

Instant medical tracking and diagnostics is moving from science fiction to reality. A group of scientists, doctors, and coders at NASA Research Park in Moffett Field, CA created a device that enables users to track their body’s information and share it with their doctors. Introducing the Scanadu Scout. This device takes the sensor scanning medical […]

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HAPIfork Monitors Eating Habits and Helps Users Eat Slowly to Lose Weight

HAPILABS brings an interesting idea to the table. The company’s product, HAPIfork, helps users monitor their eating habits and control the pace they eat a meal. If you take more than one bite every 10 seconds, the fork vibrates, reminding you to slow down. HAPIfork also measures meal length, fork servings per minute, and intervals […]

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Wearable and Implantable Technology From Motorola

D11’s coolest prospective wearable technology didn’t come from a likely source. It came from Motorola, which might be soon birthing digital tattoo and smart pill technology.  One can think of an incredible number of practical uses for both, as displayed by Motorola’s Regina Dugan.  You can see Dugan and Motorola’s Dennis Woodside’s discussion from D11, below:

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The W/Me Wristband Gains Momentum on Kickstarter

  A daily search of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Circle Up always reveals interesting new ways to quantify the data we are now able to capture with wearable computing. Today we find a wristband that looks a lot like the Nike Fuelband, with a medical grade sensor that tracks activity in your autonomous nervous system (ANS) […]

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Basis: The Rolex of Fitness Trackers That Brings Fashion and Function to Wearable Computing

Wrist wearable fitness trackers are not a new phenomenon. Fitbit, Fuelband, Jawbone etc. have all been there, done that. Basis, however, is something different. It combines a watch-like design with new, innovative sensors. Basis includes an entirely new optical blood flow sensor (read more about the is type of tech from Stanford), a perspiration sensor, […]

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