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Computational Biologists Win Nobel Prize

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Foundation Computational biology is an emerging field in science that poses a lot of potential for wearables. In a recent post, we profiled several companies and their offerings related to wearable computing and activity tracking. Recently, Michael Levitt, Martin Karplus, and Arieh Warshel won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their brilliant […]

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The Leap Ahead: Computational Biology Promises to Jumpstart Wearables Applications

A lot of the focus in wearable computing has been on delivering products that help everyday users monitor some of the more basic activity traits, such as steps taken and heart rate. While these are certainly useful metrics for health monitoring, they do not paint the full picture. Computational biologists instead study the chemical changes […]

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How To Disrupt The $6B+ Sleep Disorder Market

There are a number of emerging companies in the sleep disorder market (We recently covered Beddit, the sensor + activity tracking app that helps people sleep better) that are also interesting, including MotionXSleep (app), Sleepcycle, Sleepbot, Jawbone UP,  Lark, and others. What they all have in common is that they provide through embedded sensors (internal, external, or […]

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Who Will Be the “Nest” Of The Massive Senior Home Monitoring Market? Enter Amulyte

The market for extending and improving home care through technology innovation is growing rapidly, especially with an increasingly aging population and technology savvy “boomers” often caring for them. It is a market in fast transition too, moving to combine safety and related ambient monitoring devices with health monitoring devices. It is also a space seeing […]

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Cognitive Bias Modification Therapy: The Games We Can Play To Change Our Behavior

Increasingly, we are seeing a lot of wearable computing companies targeting their devices and applications at the broad digital health market. The same is true of the stand alone app market. Within this, we’ve been intrigued by new startups that are focused on treating mental health, especially as the trend towards devices and applications that […]

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T2’s BioZen: Tracking & Treating a Soldier’s Mental and Physical Health From Smartphones

We have seen a trend of companies in the wearables space attacking both consumer and industrial/military use cases for their products and technologies.  We’ve covered a few of them, including monitoring systems and energy generation, and several different approaches to mobile digital health. In our conversations with leading wearables’ companies, it has become clear that increasing […]

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Featured Company: MC10 Pioneering Commercial Uses of Conformal Electronics

In a recent article, we covered MC10’s partnership with Reebok on its new Checklight product. While this product has the potential to introduce new levels of safety and care in the prevention of unnecessary sports related head trauma from youth to professional sports, the company’s potential spans far beyond sports. Which is why, like the […]

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The Future of Flexible Sensors: MC10 Partners With Reebok On CheckLight Skull Cap

What started in 2008 by Professor John Rutgers of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign as a brilliant idea of stretchable circuits has culminated into MC10. Today, this company has collected $40M in funding to develop products towards its mission of “extending human capabilities through virtually invisible and conformal electronics.” Recently partnering with Reebok, MC10 launched […]

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Zephyr’s Wearables: On The Front Lines Of Industrial and Consumer Sensor-based Applications

Since 2003, Annapolis-based Zephyr has innovated with physiological and biomechanical monitoring systems. However, unlike many companies that sell sensor solutions to mostly consumers for fitness and personal activity tracking, Zephyr has established a strong foothold in training professionals. The company’s Physical Status Monitoring system (PSM) applies wearable technology for military, medical, and fitness uses and […]

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