Basis: The Rolex of Fitness Trackers That Brings Fashion and Function to Wearable Computing

BasisWrist wearable fitness trackers are not a new phenomenon. Fitbit, Fuelband, Jawbone etc. have all been there, done that. Basis, however, is something different. It combines a watch-like design with new, innovative sensors.

Basis includes an entirely new optical blood flow sensor (read more about the is type of tech from Stanford), a perspiration sensor, an accelerometer, as well as ambient and skin temperature sensors. It displays data elegantly with a streamlined web app and simple watch display. After an explosive initial response, Basis recently raised $11.5 million, bringing its total investment to just over $20 million and adding the Mayfield Fund to its existing list of investors (DCM and Northwest Venture Partners).

Basis is well done because it incorporates advanced activity tracking and wearable computing into our watches. This simplifies life by incorporating sensors and tracking technology into a device we already wear. Check out a Product Overview Video by the CEO Jef Holove below.


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