Bandu Smartwatch By Neumitra Brings Advanced Sensor Insights

Founded by neuroscientists from MIT and Robert Goldberg, Neumitra started over an year ago to develop a wearable watch called “bandu,” which helps monitor our body’s stress levels and also alerts us to relax. Through this wearable technology that measures and manages the autonomic brain, Neumitra hopes to gain positive impact to create a stress-free world and to help those suffering from anxiety disorders in the long run.

The device measures stress through the autonomic nervous system since it is associated with various factors such as perspiration and body temperature; it records various physiological indicators of stress like temperature and skin conductance to sense stress levels. Bandu wrist device also works with smartphones, both iPhone and Android, and offers suggestions that can help reduce stress level by offering users to play games, stretch, or listen to music.

Neumitra also provides an integrated mobile software that incorporates its biowatch into users’ everyday life demands. Mobile software enables users to track their stress levels based on locations and events in real time. Neumitra’s biowatch can be ordered directly on its website for $1,500.00.

It is clear that Neumitra offers an extensive amount of data from its wearable device, but the more fascinating point is that all the research that goes to develop its biowatch strives not only to reduce stress among people, but also to help patients who are suffering from anxiety disorders. Neumitra’s biowatch has been used in various research labs at Massachusetts General Hospital in order to help patients with PTSD.

Neumitra’s technology that provides accurate data has the potential to solve anxiety symptoms among many patients; afterall, Goldberg can actually achieve his goal to bring mobile portable technologies to brain health.

For more information regarding the Bandu app and Neumitra’s concept, check out Robert Goldberg’s past Indiegogo campaign.

Also, watch the video below for more information on the Bandu app below:

bandü: The watch to measure and manage daily stress from Neumitra on Vimeo.

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