Adidas Announces miCoach Fitness Smartwatch

Adidas miCoach SMART RUN
Coming up in the fitness tracking territory is Adidas’s miCoach SMART RUN, launching on November 1st. The miCoach is different than other fitness trackers we have seen because it operates as a standalone fitness tracker. So, rather than sending data to a separate app on your smartphone or computer, the miCoach SMART RUN runs fully on its own Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 software and features a touchscreen display. Also, the miCoach watch is more focused on fitness and training particularly for training athletes rather than overall health and activity more geared toward the everyday consumer. Going for $399, it isn’t priced for the general market either. Head of Adidas Interactive, Paul Gaudio, toldSlash Gear “We’re not trying to make a smartwatch, per se, but the smartest running watch”. The watch includes a GPS, an optical heart rate monitor from Mio, and an accelerometer, plus 3GB of storage dedicated just for music. Data is analyzed to give wearers suggestions on their workout and can also be offloaded to Adidas’ miCoach online system to create customized training plans.

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