From D11 on Wearables: Let The Hype Cycle Engines Roar

Pebble Watch

This is undoubtedly going to be the year of wearables, and we plan to be there every step of the way covering this major shift in technology innovation. With Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins touting the year of wearables, drivables, scanables, and flyables, and Tim Cook at D11 talking about how “incredibly interesting” the opportunity is and that nobody has done it well, the next 2 years of wearable computing promises to be exciting. Expect to see new entrants emerge Holiday 2013 where we’ll also most likely begin to hear the increasing roar of the hype cycle engines anticipating  2014 launches.  Like the tectonic shifts we witnessed in mobile and now tablet computing, we expect wearables will drive massive value creation opportunities for both incumbents and new entrants to this rapidly developing space.

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