Gentag, NovioSense Partner with Mayo For Diabetes Management Solutions


Gentag recently announced a joint venture with the Mayo Clinic  and NovioSense to develop a closed-loop smart skin patch targeting the management of obesity and diabetes.

According to Gentag CEO John Peeters, “by pooling our resources together, we are in a position now to dramatically advance diabetes monitoring.  Our patented technology allows us to make wireless sensors that are battery-less, disposable, painless and use cell phones or other NFC devices as glucometers.  Furthermore we can use the cell phones as controllers for insulin delivery, including disposable NFC insulin delivery systems, under our issued worldwide patents.”

Gentag, a patent-rich technology company that makes ultra-light, low cost disposable devices with low or no battery powered options (NFC powered) capable of accurately capturing heart rate, temperature, hydration, sweat, blood sugar, electrolytes and other biomarkers. Beyond diabetes management, the Company also provides turnkey solutions for other applications including non-disruptive temperature monitoring, fitness monitoring, skin care (UV monitoring) and drug delivery (time-dosed skin patches).



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