Archive | October, 2014

Electrozyme: Customizability and Function in Health Wearables

(Click Picture to See Linked Video) The health wearable market has exploded over the past 18 months, with companies increasingly focused on having to achieve a balance between fashion and functionality. Core to that mission have been attempts to develop products that minimize interference from the wearable to the user’s daily routines while maximizing the […]

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Google Takes A $542M Magical Leap of Faith

Yes, you read that right. $542 million. That is a lot of cabbage for the newest (likely) member of the $1B valuation club. The Company is Florida  (and Silicon Valley) startup Magic Leap. And it recently collected that amount from an unprecedented and incredibly interesting collection of prominent investors, most notably, Google, Qualcomm and Legendary […]

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Phillips: Foray into Medically Certified Wearable Technology

“Unlike other wearable solutions recently introduced to the market, this prototype collects more than just wellness data from otherwise healthy people. We are demonstrating the power of harnessing both clinical and personal health information to better manage chronic disease patients across the health continuum, from healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care,” said Jeroen […]

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