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Recon Jet Takes Consumer Pre-Orders, Aspires To One Day Make an Impact in Military and Industrial Environments

While Google Glass might be for people navigating the city in a quest to a perfect cup of coffee, Recon Jet will be for soldiers on the battlefield or athletes checking times and distance while training for the next a triathlon. This is at least what the company behind these glasses, Vancouver-based Recon Instruments, hopes. […]

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Proteus Puts Sensors In a Pill: Make a Powerfully Innovative Activity Tracking Solution for Healthcare

We have seen many companies incorporate wearable biosensors into their activity tracking products, but Proteus Digital Health sees a future for ingestible biosensors as well. Proteus was founded by a team of experienced pharmaceutical and technology professionals who sought a solution to the fact that nearly 50% of patients do not receive the full benefit […]

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X2 Opens the Door for Better Head Injury Response On and Off the Field

Medical-grade biosensors are making it easier and less expensive to protect youth athletes from damaging head trauma, thanks to companies like X2 biosystems. Seattle-based X2 was founded when Rich Able turned to Christoph Mack after Rich’s son suffered a concussion playing high school football. Today X2 offers the X-Guard, a mouth guard-based sensor, and the […]

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The Kreyos Meteor: One Device To Rule and Display Them All!

At least that’s the premise behind KREYOS Meteor smartwatch, available for pre-order on June 24. While technical details will remain scarce until the launch, what we know mostly from Company press releases and its over-funded Indiegogo campaign so far is enticing. Kreyos Meteor is attempting to deliver a water-proof smartwatch that is a Pebble-killer or rival at […]

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Featured Company: Fullpower Technologies and MotionX Ripe For A High Priced Acquisition

MotionX is a rising star in the wearable technology space, though to the mainstream media fascinated by Nike Fuelband, Apple’s rumored smart watch, and other headlines grabbers, it is perhaps one of the best known secrets. Being located in Santa Cruz might have something to do with it. Or the fact that it is actually […]

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In The Startup Battlefield Of The Nike+ Accelerator, You Might Want To Bet On Black!

There is a reason Phil Black and his company FitDeck is batting lead off in the 10 company Nike+ Accelerator Demo Day. If you want to get the other team’s attention, you bring your big bat. And at 6’7” tall, Black not only carries a big stick, but he IS a big stick. Friends of IAT […]

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The Week in Wearables

  Nike will certainly be in the news this week. Their amazing marketing machine will certainly be on display as its Nike+ Accelerator companies head to San Francisco Thursday for their 2nd Demo Day before an anticipated packed house.  Geekwire had a great write-up from the Demo Day last week on Nike’s campus. If you […]

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Smart Socks Don’t Stink: Heapsylon’s Sensoria Enters The Clothing As A Platform Race

We’ve seen very few companies successfully go after both digital sport and digital health markets. It is hard enough to tackle one. Very few companies are architected in such a manner that enables a consistent streamlining of decision making, team building, resource allocation, product development and overall energy to benefit both directions fully. Ask any […]

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